Online Exhibition Lehrbuch Des Pandektenrechts MU EAA 652

Bernard Windscheid (1817-1892) was a leading Pandectist scholar who was influential in the development of Conceptual Jurisprudence. These scholars engaged in academic exercises that aimed to extract and deduce principles of law from previous concepts. Roman law was amongst the main sources of those previous concepts, explaining the reference to the Pandekten in the title. This work served as a cornerstone for the drafters of the German Civil Code of 1900, explaining many of the principles which were later incorporated into the German Code.

The work of Windscheid exemplifies the level of sophistication reached by German legal science throughout the nineteenth century. It has been studied extensively by scholars in Europe and beyond since, not only during the heyday of codification, but also later during efforts to harmonize private law around Europe.

Windscheid, B. J. H. (1882). Lehrbuch des pandektenrechts (5. Aufl.). Rütten & Loenig. Maastricht University Special Collections. Call number: MU EAA 652-654