Online Exhibition Deutsche Rechtsalterthümer NE432 C 269

The Grimm brothers can be placed within the Germanist branch of the Historical School of legal science. This is evident in the Deutsche Rechtsalterthümer, wherein Jacob Grimm explored the “German” customs and practices that had shaped law in that specific part of Europe. This work, originally published in 1828, dealt with ancient legal practices. It is one of the best exponents of the Germanist branch, offering readers a historical perspective on the study of rules. However, it did not necessarily limit itself to the path of Roman law, as followed by other members of the Historical School. Specialized literature really began to develop within the field of law during the nineteenth century, and was especially influenced by adherents to the Historical School. Law libraries became increasingly common and had ever more content to fill their shelves.

Grimm, J. (1854). Deutsche rechtsaltertümer (2. Ausg.). In der Dieterichschen Buchhandlung. On loan from the University Library Nijmegen. Call number: NE 432 c 269